Prover/Verifier Programs

Gevulot programs come in two varieties: provers and verifiers. Users can permissionlessly deploy any arbitrary prover and verifier program on Gevulot, similarly to deploying a smart contract on Ethereum.

Both types of programs can be written in a variety of languages such as Rust, C, C++, etc. Most open-source prover implementations can be deployed on Gevulot with minimal modification. Gevulot also supports multi-threading and GPUs. In the Devnet section, you can learn more about prover and verifier program integration and deployment.

When deploying a prover program, the user has to specify the resource requirements, i.e. CPU, RAM, and whether the program utilizes a GPU.

Gevulot offers a customizable framework for prover deployment, allowing the integration of all kinds of distinct external software for various use cases. These custom prover sets built on top of this framework significantly increase the system's flexibility and efficiency. By applying this model, the Gevulot network gains the ability to incorporate external software with provers, eliminating the need for one-size-fits-all software across the network. To learn more about custom prover sets, visit the “Custom prover sets” section.

Deployments on Gevulot are immutable and permanent by default. Deployment transactions must contain a pointer to the program binary (URL) and a hash commitment, ensuring that the downloaded program can be verified.

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